Interview with Bale: I’m ready for my best season


– How do you feel pre-season after your physics problems last year?

– It is clear that the training will be heavy, but we are working hard to get in shape and be ready as quickly as possible for the coming season.

– How’s your ankle?

– All right. Naturally, during the vacation, I did not load it too much to recover completely. Last season it was hard for me to get into shape from the pain. Now I can make the preparations in peak physical condition. Last season I was angry because one always wants to come back to help their team and to do their best. Maybe I had to recover more time and not to force myself and shorten terms, but now the pain is gone. I feel strength in the ankle and I’m ready.

Looking back, this was the most difficult season in your career. Or at least in Real Madrid

“By January everything was going well. But malhans – you can not avoid those injuries in football. I was very heavy, but most importantly, we won trophies, and what!

– Have you returned to your feelings at the Champions League final in Cardiff? The bench, the changeover, the pickup … it was not easy …

– Honestly, six weeks before the final I started a good job of getting into shape, and being on the bench is the biggest prize, because without this work I would not be there. Twelve hours a day I was trying to be available in the final and I could enjoy those minutes on the Cardiff pitch. Raising the trophy to my family and friends was an incredible feeling.

– What do you expect from the new season?

– First I have a good preparation and start at 100%. On my return from an injury last season I was only 50% ready and the ankle did not allow me to improve. My goal now is to get into top shape and continue playing for Madrid.

– Will we see the best or at least the most consistent Bale this season?

– Of course I will try to make my best season if the injuries are scaring me. First I have to gain strength to avoid them.

“What’s the truth about the rumors that you thought of leaving Madrid?”

“No, everything is complicated by my injury, but there. I can still play football very well and still give my best when I’m in optimal shape. I signed a long contract with Madrid and am happy in this club. My plan is to score goals here and I’m sure we will make a great season.

“But is not that true that Manchester United asks you?”

“The truth is, I do not read such things at all. It is logical, as a British player, to constantly connect me with a return home. Nothing new. I’m happy in Madrid. Yes, interest is interesting, but if there is nothing concrete as a bid, there is not much to discuss.

– Do you feel the support of Zinedine Zidane? Did you talk to him?

– We’ve been here for a few days. We have a lot of preparation time to talk to him. To prepare well, we’ll see.

“Did you expect Zidane to triumph so quickly?”

– Maybe there were people who did not believe it, but he had the support of the team, he did a lot of work, we all worked for the common good, and when you combine all this with the presence of talented people, come the many trophies. We will continue on the same path and hopefully win many more cups!

– Do you believe that the six possible ones can be won?

“Obviously this is very difficult. It’s hard to win one, let alone six, but that’s why we’re here. We will jump for everyone, this is the plan, and we believe in our ability to succeed. But we will, of course, need luck for that.

– Who is Bale’s worst enemy this season on his way to success?

– I have confidence and I told you that I just need to avoid the serious injuries to be strong. In the summer preparations there are always minor problems with injuries. The most important thing is to concentrate entirely on the game and then give my best.

– Do you realize that it is becoming more and more difficult to win a title in Madrid?
– “It may be, but that’s why I’m here and that’s why I play in the best team in the world – to win a maximum number of cups. Everyone in the team wants to play and we all fight hard for our place, but success is not the result of 11 players. Zidane wants to turn the line up and there will be opportunities for everyone. In my opinion, the most important thing is to have the consciousness of winning together. In the previous season we won either the title or the Champions League, and in the latter – both races thanks to the rotation. They gave us a lot of freshness because each of us had the time to recover after a game. This method is good. In today’s football everyone has to make a contribution.

“Do you really believe Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave?”

“I have not read anything about it, and I have no idea what will happen. Look, I just knew yesterday that Romulus Lukaku signed with Manchester United! … I really do not have an idea.

“But you will stay, do not you?”

– Of course, we won the cups, we played well, we did not have to change anything.

“Is this the strongest one you’ve played so far?”

– If a footballer can not play, another plays and plays just as well as the missing one. We have many capable players on our bench. Yes, this stock is very strong, and this is important for the good performance throughout the season.

– And you were surprised by Marco Asencio’s progress?

– No. He is doing well in both the games and the training, he has had brilliant moments last season and is a very good footballer. I hope this year will continue along the same path. It is quite normal in Madrid to have good players.

“How do you think Kilian Babe?”

“The truth is I have not seen him a lot. I do not see much football, but I know he’s a good player, and if he comes, it’s because of his great performance last season and I hope he’ll help us.

– Do you still believe you can qualify for the World Cup with Wales?

– Definitely! We have four games and we are 4 points from the first place in the group. We are still in the fight and, while there is a chance, we will fight to the last, however difficult it is. We are targeting the teams above us, but we will also need luck.

– Who are the rivals of Madrid on the road to glory?

– The usual suspects – several English teams, Bayern (Munich), Barcelona, ??Juventus, Paris Saint Germain. Things are always alike, but to get to the finish, you have to beat anyone who gets you on the road.

– Do you consider fair criticism of the Trio Air Force? What do you say to those who think the team plays better without the Air Force?

– Opinions. Everyone has their right to them.

– Madrid won trophies with Air Force …

– The facts speak for themselves. Everyone can talk, but the decision is finally taken by the coach.

“Do you feel comfortable on the pitch next to Cristiano and Karim Benzema?”

– Yes. We’ve been playing together for a long time, we get to know the pitch and we’ve won a lot of buy-in together. The coach decides who to play and we will do our best.

Interview with Bale: I’m ready for my best season

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