Messi ….

It’s no coincidence that they sometimes call Lionel Messi president of Camp Nou’s dressing room. The leadership, the team, the team and the club are all in the hands of the “ten” today. The Argentinean figure, recently married and with a new blagranas contract, helps to make it easier to spend the summer after the disappointing 2016/17 season. Still, Barca has doubled more Real Madrid matches – 30 to 15, from Rosarioine’s debut in the Catalan team to the current double of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The feeling is that Madrid achieved with Zinedine Zidane a turning point that failed with Jose Mourinho. President Florentino Perez contacted Manchester United’s current manager to end the suffocating hegemony of Josep Guardiola while he currently has one of the best bands in the Los Blancos story to challenge Messi’s reign. The latest results justify a president’s plan, which now does not even shake the threats of its Portuguese exit exit.

Madrid has two main eleven-seconds, has medium to long-term replacements for its leaders on the pitch and dominates the transfer market to such an extent that each top-notch and high-quality footballer himself is offered to play under the direction of Zidane. This is what happened to Killian Mbappe and Danny Sebayos, so Florentino is the one who decides things according to the number of players available in his squad, price and budget, freed from the financial constraints that put the management of the great rival from Catalonia.

Madrid dominates, and Barcelona is reactive, including in institutional matters, given that it was precisely in this plan that he managed once more to cope easily with the crises. The latest example is the “Seicon Lliure” case, in 10 games of the most importance, the club turns the free market renounced by the season card holder to a usual place at the VIP ticket as a price without To notify the new buyer in advance and not to spend half the costs with him). A case whose weight is expressed in the massive clash with the TV-3 channel. It’s so chaotic everything in Barcelona, ??so they can not cover up all the constantly emerging breaks in the body that they have no other medicine except to use Messi’s help both on the pitch and outside.

Not that this is a bad solution to the problem, because we still talk about the best player in the world who is ready to finish his brilliant career at Camp Nou. Just as he spent his life in Santos Pele – nothing to do with other soccer legends such as Diego Maradona, Johan Kraiff and Alfredo Di Stefano. Messi’s faithfulness to Barca deserves a lot of honor, and President Barthomeu has made it impossible to keep him before he retires to his native Newell’s Old Boys.

The “ten” status is expressed in the winning titles in La Liga (8 against 4 in Madrid) and in the Champions League (4 against 3). It is a decisive factor for the barcellists’ opinion that their favorite club does not take sufficient advantage of the presence of this genius, hoping to shorten the distance in the number of European Cups from the eternal rival, accumulated with the initial lead during the time of Stefano.

Ernesto Valverde is now on the line to define Messi’s role on the pitch to win the team again, both during Guardiola and Luis Enrique. The new coach and his ace, however, depend on the ability of the technical secretariat and club leaders to reinforce the team after a bad competitive year, even though the King’s Cup was won. And the government has not done anything else besides securing Messi’s stay: the message has been that he will renew his contract in that it is on the brink of renewal, that agreement has been reached on renewal … And still we still have to see the photo with signing in the Camps of Newcom.

The saga so stretched out that it fed suspicions about Mesi’s remaining after the charges and the subsequent conviction for tax evasion. Suspicion allowed Barcelona to use the vacuum to burn every infected information fire: for every problem, for every lack of news, whenever there was no one to declare a new ad or leave, information was relentlessly circulated to the press or the contract, Or for the wedding of the “ten”.

The episodes of the series with the renewal of the contract served to curb the fear of lack of adequate authority in Cannes Barca. The question “What does the club do?” Or “What’s happening on Camp Nou?” Was always the same answer: Messi is and will stay in Barca.

Although the price of the operation was not officially known, it became clear that Barcelona had given him everything because Messi was all in Barca. Barthomeu is not surprised that the “ten” is calling him “president” to Camp Nou. Barca needed good news. And get the best one. Right at the moment – immediately after the accounts of the last financial year and in a period of supreme tension in the club.

Messi …

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