Real beat the Barca at Camp Nou and put his hand on the Super Cup
Real Madrid made the first step towards winning the Super Cup of Spain. Tonight, the “white ballet” beat Barcelona 3-1 Barcelona as a guest at Camp Nou and took a comfortable lead before rebounding on its own pitch. The game was quite exciting and flashy with interesting and controversial moments. Real first led the result after Gerrard Pique’s own goal in the 50th minute, but Barseola equalized from a penalty in the 77th minute, realized by Lionel Messi. Cristiano Ronaldo again gave the Madrid victory in the 80th minute and two minutes later the Portuguese was kicked out after receiving a second yellow and red card for simulation after falling for a penalty in the penalty area. In the last minute of regular time, Marco Assencio hit a third goal in the Terrgen’s door, making the lead of his team extremely good before the rematch.


Real Madrid had the first chance in the match as Matteo Kovacic’s shot was saved from the goal keeper. Barca responded in the 10th minute to Lewis Suarez, who jumped to the goal but sent the ball into the hands of Keelor ??Navas. In the 18th minute Isco missed the goal, and in the 24th minute Lionel Messi fired a foul over the door.

At the end of the half-time, Real had two new opportunities missed by Gareth Bale. First in the 37th minute the Welsh out of a good position sent a shot that was saved by the goal keeper. Then in the 45th minute he tried a new shot, which did not find the outline of the door.
Barcelona – Real M 1: 3 + 33

The second part started very unpleasantly for the hosts. In the 50th minute after a centering on the ground Gerard Picke acts unreasonably and sends the ball into his own door for 0: 1.

After the goal, guests played even better. In the 55th minute, Real could double his lead after Karim Benzema centered on Danny Carvahal’s invading rear-end. The defender shoots from volley, but Jordie Alba, with self-inflicted intervention, managed to stop the ball before she got to the door. In the 69th minute, Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded centering by Bale and tried an attractive side scissors but could not direct the ball into the goal. A minute later Marcelo made a powerful shot that was saved by Marc-Andre Tergheen.


Barcelona, ??however, also gradually increased the pressure and in the 75th minute twice, Kayor Navas made brilliant rescues after losing to Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Just a minute later, the Costa Rican threw himself at Suarez’s feet, who fell artistically and managed to ask a penalty for his team. Messi executed the penalty and restored 1: 1.

But the joy of the hosts was too short. In the 80th minute, the “royal club” organizes a wonderful counterattack, Ronaldo gets in front of the penalty area, finishing Pique and unscathed a shot under the bar for 1: 2. Just two minutes later, however, the Portuguese was expelled from the game. He tried to win a penalty, falling into the penalty box after a shot with Uumtiti, but the judge did not point the white point and pulled a second yellow and red card to Ronaldo for a simulation.


Barca again tried a desperate assault, but it did not give the desired result, but the opposite. In the 90th minute Real reorganized a good counterattack, Marko Asencio was found in a firing position and shot a third shot Terrgen’s door for the final 1: 3.
Barcelona – Real M 1: 3 + 33

So Real is now very close to winning Spain’s Super Cup, while Barca will have the tough task of getting at least three goals in the Santiago Bernabeu on 17 August.

Real beat the Barca at Camp Nou and put his hand on the Super Cup

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